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Contact Information

To start recycling today, please fill out one of our contact forms on your right. You can also contact one of our representatives at (512) 693-8888.

Did you know?

That for every ton of paper waste that is recycled 17 trees continue to grow in the forest and 6000 gallons of water continue to flow clean in our rivers. Last year alone,  due to CER's recycling effort,  over 2500 trees continue to thrive today, and around 900,000 gallons  of water were saved, contributing to a cleaner, healthier planet and a better tomorrow.

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Texas - Dallas
2725 South State Hyw 360
Suite 200
Grand Prairie, Texas 75052
Phone: (512) 693-8888

Texas - Austin Area


2901 E 4th ave. Bldg 1  
Columbus, Ohio 43219
Phone: (614) 277-9999