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Company Policies

Environmental Policy

CER management and staff are committed to continual improvement of our Environmental Management System (EMS) as a means to help advance the company's overall environmental performance. CER management and staff are committed to the prevention of pollution through implementing responsible material handling procedures, selecting qualified downstream vendors to handle materials leaving our facility, performing downstream due diligence on our entire downstream vendor network, and adhering to strict regulatory compliance and detailed record keeping practices. CER management is committed to the review of our environmental policy, environmental objectives, and goals on an annual basis. Our Environmental policy is routinely communicated to all employees and persons working on behalf of CER, and is made available to the public through our company website.

Organizational Health and Safety Policy

CER is dedicated to preventing exposure to an environment containing materials, or work practices which may cause its employees, partners, neighbors, and visitors to be injured, suffer ill health, or unreasonable risk.  CER pledges to comply with all local, state and federal laws dealing with its business endeavors.  Additionally, CER will comply with all standards, and best practices endorsed by Trade Organizations which it is a member, and certifications which it has attained. 
CER will insure constant improvement of the OHSMS through quarterly reviews of the system by senior management during Quarterly Management Reviews and quarterly presentations to employees.  CER will also communicate the OHSMS at least annually to all partners and contractors who physically interact with CER.
This policy will be available to all interested parties and will be prominently displayed at each CER location.