Cinco Electronic Recycling

Founded in 2000, Cinco Electronics Recycling (CER) was created to provide a wide range of recycling services for corporate and individual customers in the Austin, Texas area. The name Cinco is a homage to the celebration of Cinco de Mayo, spanish for “fifth of May”, when the company had its first transaction.

CER is dedicated to buying new, or used computer and electronic equipment and disposing of it in a safe, environmentally responsible way. We take equipment which has reached the end of its service life and insure that it is reused, or recycled

Featuring an aggressive Environmental Management System (EMS) in cooperation with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, we set high standards for our downstream vendors and maintain an audit system to insure that they are operating to our standards as well as local, state and federal guidelines. We assure secure handling and destruction of sensitive equipmentc managing a program to your company’s specification, or tailoring one to your needs. CER continues to expand to meet our customer needs and expectations as we maintain responsible environmental solutions to the growing demands of electronic waste management