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Lithium batteries have a fixed lifecycle. These lithium batteries, over time, will degrade and no longer meet the power requirements of the module or pack design the manufacturer purposed it for and will need replacement. A battery pack can be brought back to life through remanufacturing, avoiding costly replacements.

When a battery pack reaches its end-of-life and remanufacturing can no longer take place, repurpose options can. By harvesting and testing the cells in end-of-life battery packs, we can maximize the product’s lifecycle. Second use applications, such as e-mobility and government projects, can help maximize the return on investment while being environmentally friendly. As the cell’s capacity degrades and is no longer usable in the field, they have reached their recycling point. They need to be responsibly disposed of by a certified hazardous waste treatment center for lithium batteries.

Through our group, we have internal processes to break down the battery creating black mass where after we can capture the critical materials such as Lithium, Nickel, and Cobalt.

These materials would be sold back into the supply chain, creating a closed-loop environment.

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Fully Insured & Permitted

Our practice ensures batteries are safely and securely processed as our facilities are fully permitted by local and state government regulatory agencies.


We offer 24-hour tracking and are regularly audited by environmental groups, meeting the highest environmental standards in the world.