What we can do for you

We maintain competitiveness by investing in advanced testing devices and developing innovative solutions through consulting engineers around the world. In 2000, Cinco started processing various types of e-waste materials in response to our clients’ request. By working with manufactures and refiners directly, we have been able to reuse and recover the maximum resources among end-of-life products

Product Testing

Based on the detail specification of products, our engineers will customize testing stations with the needed equipment to reach maximum efficiency for products testing.

Regional Warehouse

Cinco has set up strategic locations around the states and we are continuing the effort in expansion worldwide to better serve our clients

Data Destruction

Our team uses industry proven methods to ensure data is securely erased, and physically destroyed when required.


Our trained staff can quickly and efficiently disassemble electronic devices into their original components for recycling. We guarantee none of the materials received will be sold in its original form


We have contracted with logistics providers all around the US to ensure all loads can be handled within 24 hours of notice or less.


Our marketing team has years of experience in handling discontinued assets and their recovery and owns global marketing channels to expedite the completions of transactions.

Downstream Auditing

Cinco performs an annual on-site audit to all of our vendors to ensure all materials are being treated in an environmentally safe manner.

Real-Time Tracking

All inventories are being tracked with our EMS software and monitored via surveillance cameras 24 hours a day.